Funding Scheme for Experiential Programmes at Innovation and Entrepreneurial Bases in the GBA

15 funded NGOs in Hong Kong will organise short-term experiential programmes at the innovation and entrepreneurial bases in Mainland GBA cities, with a view to enriching Hong Kong young people's understanding of the entrepreneurial bases therein, as well as the relevant policies and supporting measures on innovation and entrepreneurship in the Mainland. This will in turn assist the young people to consider settling in the relevant entrepreneurial bases and starting businesses therein in the future.
Short-term experiential programmes lasting for 6 to 28 days
Introduction to local entrepreneurial environment and policy
Short-term internship and job shadowing in start-ups
Participation in or observation of entrepreneurial competitions or related activities
Enhancing the understanding of the operating mode, support services and entrepreneurial atmosphere of the entrepreneurial bases
Introduction on the structure and development situation of relevant sectors in the Mainland
Eligibility Criteria
  • Youth aged between 18 and 35
  • Hong Kong Permanent Resident
  • Young people who are interested in starting a business but yet to have a clear plan

Individual NGOs may prescribe additional application conditions. Please refer to the project details of the relevant NGOs.

List of funded NGOs